“Sometimes we fall into patterns that we just can’t seem to get out of.”

Are you worried that your relationship is going to fail? Have you tried everything with your partner but  he (or she) just doesn’t seem to get it? Are you worried that you are going to have to leave your partner, or they are going to leave you?

Have you lost hope?

If you feel less connected to your partner, if you feel stuck or find that the closeness or intimacy with your partner has been lost, then you may benefit from The Marriage Solution.

The Marriage Solution in an insight-based relationship and marriage program based on psychologist Heron Free’s Book: The Relationship Code. It is designed to get couples back on track and feel inspired about being together once again. It’s not easy, as deep change never is, but it is super worthwhile in learning to love and appreciate your partner and relationship once again.

The marriage solution is taught one on one to a couple or in a two day weekend training program.

It focuses on 10 key principles:

  1. Dating the Dynamic: No longer ‘dating the dynamic’ of why you were originally drawn to your partner and the reason you got married, but now looking to connect at a deeper more authentic level from a place or appreciation, love, play and a desire for growth.
  2. The Seesaw Effect: Understanding the seesaw effect (or how opposites attract) and how to appreciate your partners differences but to not let them frustrate you.
  3. Knowing Your Childhood: Understanding how your childhood relationship history (e.g., father, mother and sibling relationships) often repeat in our adult relationships.
  4. Letting Go of Your Old Reality: Understanding how we are very resistant to creating a new reality even if we are unhappy because we prefer the status quo.
  5. Building Trust and Vulnerability: Understanding that to create a new relationship with your partner, the two of you both have to learn to trust and take chances together.
  6. Intuitive Tracking of Success: Turning into what feels good in the relationship and doing more of it.  While this sounds easy, most distraught couples don’t do this .
  7. Seeing and Accepting: This is learning to truly see who you partner really is. And in some cases, deciding if you want to stay with this person.
  8. Building Bridges: This is the path of sharing what you really desire in a partner and what you wish to give to your. This is also about dreaming of where you would like the relationship to be in the next 10 or 20 years.
  9. Flying the Airplane: This is the step of learning how to keep the the relationship in the air and fulling enjoying the experience of being together.
  10. Becoming More Selfish (or in some cases less selfish): This is the path of becoming more selfish to ensure you are getting your needs met in the relationship or in some cases becoming more self-sacrificing.

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