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They say one of the hardest things to do is change. But is it? The world is changing all the time, life continues to move forward, at work, in relationships and in life. So change is always happening. So what’s the problem? It’s that we are resistant to it. And it is this resistance, this decision not to do anything differently based on fear, is what sabotages true change.  The ability to embrace a new idea, to listen to your inner voice, to ‘zig’ when everyone else wants to ‘zag’ is what true change is all about. Life is never static; it’s about wanting more. We have a need to continue to expand on our experiences until we die. Life however is also about learning to relax and enjoy where we are at right now and to not be continually striving for something more (aka TGAGS*). Being able to do both things simultaneously is what change is all about.  (Also know as the grass is always greener syndrome)*