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Life Coaching

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Authentic Living Business Coaching is my program for business professionals and other ambitious souls. It is for people who are interested in engaging with themselves and others from a genuine place of authenticity, wisdom and spontaneous expression. Most views of becoming a leader entail learning and apply specific leadership skills to lead a group of people. The approach is mostly fake and leads to mediocre results as it is driven from a mind based-agenda. True leadership focusing on tuning into yourself, who you are, and what you truly value first. And then expressing that others. Human beings  follow these people naturally as we are drawn to the truth and realness of who they are.  That’s leadership.

My curriculum goes beyond simple leadership training. It is a training and guidance program that uses the psychology of thought, mental mastery, sharing and personal vision to take you and your company far beyond what is possible through standard business development courses. In it’s most simplest form it’s about being you at work but beyond the mental constructs and personalities limitations you have garnered over lifetime of living.

Our genuine leadership training includes education in lateral thinking (thinking outside of the box), creativity, spontaneous expression of the self, intuition, finding and discovering your true self, and utilizing patience and action as a way to promote both personal and business insight. And it’s also super fun.

Target Areas:

  • Lateral Thinking Ability
  • Mental Vision
  • Intuition and Business Success
  • Decision Making – From Reflection to Action
  • How to Have Fun at Work
  • How to Deal with Conflict
  • Moving into Flexibility and Openness for Business Success
  • Utilizing Your Strengths and Weakness to Create Success
  • Becoming an Authentic Leader at Work
  • How to Attract Your Dream Life

Life Coaching

Individual Sessions

Authentic Living Business Coaching is a one-on-one action-oriented approach to get you where you want to go. While still incorporating supportive counselling, success coaching is designed to help you better structure your dreams, so you can achieve them and become successful in life. It is designed to inspire you to achieve whatever you want in life (e.g. excellent health, a happy relationship, financial success, finding your dream job).

Group Seminars

Implement Authentic Living Business Training (ALBT) and management consulting with your entire staff through seminars, small ‘break out’ groups and one-on-one coaching sessions. Give them insight into who they are, their passions and what they need out of a supervisor.

Order a two-hour, half day or full day seminar series with staff members.