High Risk = Mind Risk

Changing the Self

Tuesday July 23, 2013, 6:30 to 8:45

Cost $49 ($39) Bucks

Location: My Home Office – 3226 – 14th Street NW

The ability to challenge the mind is not based on pushing adrenaline or fear to go beyond what you typically do. It is about letting yourself realize that everything is possible when you begin to open up, live bravery and love deeply.

But the human mind which is designed to calculate and limit risk based on calculating what is the most predictable and safe outcome often prevents us from going deep or trying new things, even though they will lead to more happiness.  On July 23, 2013 we discuss how to work with the mind from a place of understanding  in order to become the person you wish to be and have the life experiences you want to have. We will focus on the process of change and focus on moving towards deeper freedom and happiness.

There will be three topics we will discuss:

1) Punching Through the Mind – Understanding How the Mind Blocks Change and Limits Opportunities and How to Stop It.

2) The Essence of You – The aspect of you that yearns for more, sees limitless possibilities and potential.

3) The Essential (or Interactive) Self – The part of you that interacts with the world and the essence of you in real ways to bring happiness, peace and satisfaction to yourself (also known as your personality but not a head-based one).

Our last men’s seminar on June 21st was a resounding success. It was a coming together of open, intelligent men interested in personal growth and amazing connection. The itinerary for July 23rd’s  seminar is no less powerful.

See you Tuesday. It’s going to be Awesome!

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