Fast Mind, Calm Mind – Adult ADHD Program


To ask any therapist to treat adult ADHD who does not have ADHD himself (or herself) is like trying to explain to someone what it is like to drive a Ferrari on super highway when he or she has only ever driven a bicycle.

The general consensus in the mental health and medical fields is that ADD / ADHD is a disorder and you can not be truly healed from it. Unfortunately any approach that starts with the premise that a person’s brain is  fundamentally broken can never lead to success.

Calgary Psychologist, Heron Free has (has had) ADHD and offers highly effectively strategies to treat it. For over 16 years he has been examining the fundamental reason ADHD occurs, and applying both old world and new world philosophies to its treatment.

Heron offers a solid curriculum-based program that first helps a person understand what ADHD is how to deal with it effectively. ADD / ADHD is only a disorder when you have not mastered the nuances of how the brain works differently. The core premise behind Fast Mind, Calm Mind is the understanding that ADHD occurs when the brain is moves faster than it needs to, and by slowing the brain down through various treatment techniques (e.g., meditation and relaxation) a person experiences a calmer mind and can thus live a more balanced and life.

14 Point Fast Mind, Calm Mind Curriculum

  1. One Thing at a Time
  2. How the Brain Works: (e.g, The Positive Reward System of the Body, Over Planning and Calculating Possible Outcomes to Avoid Being Let Down)
  3. Finding Your Cadence – Synching  Your Thoughts with the Rest of Yourself and Your Life.
  4. The Difficulties with Long-term planning as opposed to Short-Term Living
  5. Prioritizing Tasks and Staying Organized
  6. Having a Daily Structure
  7. Slowing Down to Increase Insight
  8. Fully Experiencing the Now
  9. Personal Awareness and Connection to Oneself and the World (Life Purpose)
  10. Proper Regulation of the Body
  11. Pinpoint Focus vs. Big Picture Seeing
  12. Emotional Attunement
  13. Committing to Change Who You Are
  14. Going with the Flow


For more information please contact Heron Free at 403.401.4324 or by email. Or just book online.