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Do you keep experiencing the same type of situation or relationship over and over again? Our mind tends to keep doing the same thing even though it’s not really helping us?

Heron uses insight / action-oriented marriage counselling in Calgary to help you see those deep patterns and stop them for good.


Are you looking to communicate better with your partner? Do you want to decrease stress and fighting? Or simply understand each other better?

Psychologist Calgary, Heron Free is an expert in relationship / marriage counselling. He works with both individuals and couples.


Are you a man looking to speak about men’s issues including: stress, anxiety, depression, relationships or life purpose?

Heron has worked with hundreds of men and helped them successfully resolve many of these problems.


Heron Free works with a number of women and offers an expert perspective on understanding relationships, letting go of the past and being truly successful in life.

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“Heron has given me invaluable insight on how to turn my life around, and I am forever grateful to this man. Thank you Heron, I truly cannot believe how spectacular you are. psychologists in calgary”
Sophia G, former client
“I was a very negative person when I went to see Heron for the first time. He helped me turn my negative attitude to a positive attitude. I will be forever grateful for his help.”
Anna L, former client
“Heron, I would have never broken the cycle without your help!” Amazing how much I’ve changed for the better! Thanks so much! As well, my dad saw my changes and decided to start changing too and has now broken free from his own beaten down lifestyle, all on his own. Unreal!”
Travis, former client
“The insights and perspectives that Heron offers are extraordinary and deeply healing. Through his guidance and vision, I saw that the life issues that initially appeared to be problems were steps on the route to awakening to a life more fully and truly lived.”
Joanne, former client

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